Science Showoff Bristol, 23rd January – LINEUP ANNOUNCED

It’s 2014!! Thank God (or Dawkins if you’re an atheist) that 2013 is over. Everything is going to be OK now. 2013 was rubbish.

One of the few highlights of 2013 was bringing our unique brand of science cabaret, stuffed full of jokes, music, education, chaos and swearing to the beautiful audiences of Bristol. So we’re back for more, with 5 gigs in 2014!

Do come along for a free night of space, nature, chemistry, particles and jokes about Naked Mole Rats. We bring together loads of brilliant local acts, with a new lineup and new material at every single gig.

So who is performing this time?

Your inevitable MC will be Steve Cross – bespectacled man of science and comedy, with more nerdy t-shirts than anyone on Earth wants or needs.

Tania Hershman – I will be reading an entirely fictional short story inspired by spending a year observing biochemists in their natural habit, and involving stolen vocabulary, dancing and elderly Nobel Prize-winners.

Nerys Shah – Talking about why I love maths and introducing people to the Monty Hall problem. There may even be a chance to win a car* *Not a real car.

Audrey Nailor – I will present “How to Unfriend A Scientist.” Need to boot a scientist from your friendslist or successfully avoid them in the wild? Or are you worried that your scientist friends secretly hate you? I present a highly scientific list of silver bullets against scientists.

Guy Lochhead – Dinosaurs Ruined My Teaching Career: Kids are clearly stupid, so how should we teach them science? I’ll be presenting the problems I’ve had trying to communicate scale to primary school children.

Aaron Boardley – What do Baroque music, groovy artwork, tortoises and hares have to do with the big questions of mathematics? Introducing the work of Douglas Hofstadter with references to films that didn’t even exist when his Pulitzer Prize-winning book was published, Aaron will end his whistlestop tour on all things ‘meta’ by highlighting the significance of Godel’s incompleteness theorem.

Will Davies – Have you ever woken in the morning, soft light streaming through the curtains, laying beside your partner, and rolled over to feel their warm embrace only to be subjected to a smell that seems to have come from a chimney straight to Satans outhouse? What the fuck, right?

Natasha Watson – Natasha will be telling you the story of the three little pigs… with a twist: building houses from sticks and straw isn’t too bad after all.

Karl Byrne – I’m going to be talking about faecal transplantation. Why, oh why would anyone want to transplant poo??

and more tbc

The gig is at the incredible Grain Barge (that link goes to their website with map and stuff). Doors will open at 7.30pm. Entry is FREE but we will be collecting for charity on the door and strongly suggest a donation of £5. All the money will go to one25, a charity based and working in Bristol who support women trapped in street sex-work to start new lives.

Science Showoff Bristol is brought to you by a team that includes the wonderful Ross Exton, Audrey Nailor, Becky Brooks and Maddy Foard. Respect.

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