Mega-gig on February 5th, more about our performers

SSO web flyer sm

We’re getting very, very excited about February 5th. Fancy finding out a bit more about the acts who will be amazing you at the Bloomsbury Theatre? We’ve put together a compendium of a new videos of some of the science stars, to show you the type of top, top talent we have in store for you.

You all know our MC, Steve Cross. He’s a “super well-informed science troll” according to a TV person, and here’s a chance to see him making up science as he goes along. Look out for the best cosmic microwave radiation joke you’ll see this year:

Prof. Sophie Scott is our neuroscientist for the evening (you have to have one at EVERY science event, you know). She knows everything about laughter and emotion and the brain. And beatboxing. She knows far too much about beatboxing. :

Dr. Hannah Fry makes maths exciting and relevant. I know, I’m not sure I thought that was possible either. In this video she’ll help you find your perfect partner:

Zoe Laughlin makes solid stuff sing, she makes materials magic and she makes matter matter. In this TedX talk she shows you how materials can perform:

This is just a taste – there are seven other amazing acts for you as well! See them all and buy tickets here:

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