LONDON SHOWOFF – April 8th, The Proud Archivist, Haggerston

And now for something new, different, exciting and special.

London Showoff is your favourite Showoff format (10 performers, 9 minutes each, chaos and no editorial control) applied to a totally new topic; London.

We’re organising this gig with the ultimate guide to all things metropolitan (Londonist) and with academic help from UCL. It’s at a new venue for us, The Proud Archivist, who have a really interesting mission around collecting London’s stories. But they also have a cracking selection of drinks and food. The nearest public transport is Haggerston Overground station, and the venue is by the Regent’s Canal.

We’re anticipating a lot of interest in this gig, so have put tickets on sale in advance here: All of the ticket money (except the booking fee) is being donated to the Shoreditch Trust who work to empower local communities to tackle local issues.

Here are the speakers and performers you’ll see on the night, telling stories and exploring London’s history, present, future and fictional life:

Steve Cross – compere, comedian and East London refuser.

Matt Brown – editor of Londonist and trivia collector.

Helen Zaltzman – broadcaster, podcaster and champion of Crystal Palace.

Mark Mason – traveller, writer and the man who has walked every tube line.

Fiona Jane Weston – singer, entertainer and musical history re-enacter.

Lucy Inglis – historian, novelist and Georgian explorer.

Gareth Rees – music fan, marsh wanderer and Hackney adventurer.

Sarah Bell – engineer, sewer historian and raconteur.

Ed Manley – data visualiser, mapper and comprehender of complex stuff.

Lucy Scott – writer, editor and promoter of the outdoors.

Nadia Valman – academic and London literary expert.

Doors are at 7pm, and the gig should finish at 10pm. The Proud Archivist does great food if you want to fill your belly before the gig starts.

See you on April 8th!


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