Science Showoff curated by Tom Whyntie – April 15th, Star of Kings


The season of chaotic science cabaret with guest curators has begun! We started in March with Elise Bramich’s lineup that explored the paranormal through stories, art, music, jokes and science. But now it’s April, and it’s time for our second curator, physicist Tom Whyntie, and his hand-selected team of Top Boffins to entertain you.

This gig is at the Star of Kings, which is here, just up the road from Kings Cross Station and the Guardian offices. We’ll be in the basement, and the doors will open at 7pm. The gig starts at 7.30 and will run through to about 10pm with an intermission. Tickets (all the money goes to charity) are available from the link at the top of the page. But what can we offer you on stage? How about:

Steve Cross – compere, comedian and a man who genuinely doesn’t want to know how magnets work because it will SPOIL THEM.

Rob Wells – Rob Wells is a comedian and data geek who will delve into the inner workings of the British Psyche through the power of Google search trends.

Lewis Dartnell – Lewis Dartnell is an astrobiology research fellow at the University of Leicester, studying how we might detect life on Mars. But tonight he’ll be talking about something completely different: how to survive the apocalypse, avert another Dark Ages and accelerate the reboot of civilisation…

Dana Boebinger – Dana is a neuroscientist, flutist, and ailurophile who studies speech perception using big magnets.

Sam Martin – Big data, Twitter and your health explored.

Michael Willmott – “A Student Walks into a Library…” – A designer and engineer, i’m building Knodium ( and looking at how technology in education can tell us more about how people learn and communicate.

Colin Stuart – Astronomy presenter and co-author of the Big Questions in Science, Colin will be asking why we bother asking the biggest questions about our universe in the first place. It turns out peering into space can help us with real world problems down here on the ground too.

Megan Whewell – Astrophysicist at UCL and ex-Space Centre explainer.

Mun Keat Looi – Mun-Keat Looi is also an author of the Big Questions in Science, but also a Commissioning Editor for new science publication Mosaic. In a startling coincidence, he also helped organise a Big Questions campaign for Mosaic asking people what the most important question about life science had yet to answer. Through this double-barrel of Big Question experience he will attempt to deliver some form of insight into what a big question is and what happens when you ask people about it.

Chris Wickett and Gemma Hurley -Shut Up Infinity make heart-filled comedy films with a unique science-based skew – from their Ockham-award-winning advert selling skepticism as a miracle cure to their absurd, CERN-based sitcom The Theory Of Nothing. Tonight, though, Chris and Gemma will be showing Shoot For The Moon – the story of a homeless astronaut who sets out for the moon armed with nothing more that a travel case, a few bottle rockets and a trolley-load of ambition.

Magdalena Zarowiecki – Bioinformatician and evolutionary biologist, who spends most of her time trying to figure out stuff Nature has already figured out millions of years ago. She will be talking about how to make sense of very small pieces of a genome.

All your ticket money (except the booking fee) will be donated to the Play Association of Tower Hamlets, a charity that helps local children to play in safety.

Buy tickets quick. March sold out with a day to go and some people missed out!


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