Science Showoff curated by Holly Rogers – May 20th, Star of Kings


So far that’s two guest-curated Science Showoffs in London, and two complete sell-outs! Now join us for ten acts from the little black book of Holly Rogers, chair of the British Science Association’s London branch and organiser of events for the Academy of Medical Sciences. Holly has chosen ten of her favourite science acts, doing a mixture of talks, demos, jokes and messing about. Joining us for this gig will be:

Steve Cross – At the last gig Steve ruined Ladybird books forever and proved that heterosexual sex is impossible using science. He’s our MC and troublemaker and will be hosting the show.

Nate Adams – Nate is an research scientist at University of Sheffield and an engagement junkie. He’ll be talking about throwing spanners at nanobots, aka the dark art of enzymology, mutagenesis, formulas and lots of graphs – all to save the planet with sunshine. Without showing any formulas or graphs. Promise.

Lydia Wood – Are you smarter than a 16 year old physics student?  Now is your chance to prove it! Lydia will require a bit of audience participation from those who are keen to demonstrate their physics prowess. Prizes will be won!

Ben Dornan – Ben is presently engaged in road safety research but will, mercifully, be talking about something else. Specifically: how an audio illusion demonstrates that we don’t just perceive the world, we build it around us.

Chella Quint – Chella Quint of “Adventures in Menstruating” will introduce the #PeriodPositive project, and explain periods as if kids learned about them on Sesame Street.

Ben Still – Ben will talk about the importance of understanding the limits of our knowledge, because there might be a Nobel prize in it! Science is more about understanding the confidence we have in results than the results themselves. Sometimes questioning our true understanding can lead to finding new science beyond the horizon of the priginal research.

Chris McManus – Chris will be talking about several decades of researching why the testicles are asymmetrical in men. He takes equality seriously and hopes also to extend this research to women.

Aditi Singh – Aditi Singh Is a science/maths teacher at an Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties school in Peckham which makes her vacillate between frantic activity and needing to lie down. When not engaged as such, she can be found saying unhelpful things to people at Science London, whom she works with to communicate science to adults.

Lindsey Keith – I’ll be talking marathons and stumpy legs.

Rebecca Nesbit and David Urry – We’ll be covering entomaphagy: eating insects. Compared to livestock, insects need less water, less food and less space but, best if all, they’re delicious… David will be performing his entomophagy song ‘Stick it in your mouth’.

and the amazing Holly Rogers herself – Could pigeons help us avoid a self-inflicted apocalypse? Should you experiment on your children? I’ll be talking about the life and legacy of the psychologist BF Skinner.

The gig is in the basement of the Star of Kings. That’s here. Tickets are £5 (plus booking fee of 50p) from and your £5 will go to Shelter From the Storm, a homeless shelter near Kings Cross who receive no government funding. Do buy tickets in advance because we will probably sell out and it makes us sad to turn people away on the door.


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