Science Showoff at the Bridgwater Science Festival – Saturday May 31st

We love science festivals. And we love new things. So guess what happens when a new science festival starts? That’s right, SHOWOFF COMES TO TOWN.

What should you expect? Science. Anarchy. Jokes. Stories. Demos. Facts. Fun. Performance. An exciting, beery, science-y night out for adults who like to look at people being brilliant and weird on stage.

For this very special Somerset gig we’ve recruited a lineup that features the London and Bristol Science Showoff families and a couple of our very best friends. Joining us for some longer sets than normal, with even more science and chaos crammed in, are:

Dr Steve Cross – regular Showoff MC, magnet-owner, trouble-maker, comedian and joke-teller.

Ross Exton – science demo king of the south-west of England.

Dr Audrey Nailor – guerilla experimenter and nature lover.

Will Davies – defender of the rights of wasps.

Becky Brooks – biochemistry expert and downer of pints of science.

Holly Rogers – biologist and keen watcher of awful films.

The show is at the Bridgwater Arts Centre, which is here:

It starts at 7:30 SHARP and tickets are available from:


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