Science Showoff curated by Imran Khan – June 17th, Star of Kings


It’s time for the fourth of our guest-curated London gigs, and another evening of science-themed chaos in the nicest pub basement in the capital.

On June 17th we host a lineup curated by Imran Khan (not that one, not that one, that one) which is a fascinating mixture of old hands, new voices, science policy, fun and communication experts.

Joining us will be:

Steve Cross – our compere will as ever be this science comedian, naked mole rat fan, chemistry refuser and general troublemaker.

Greg Foot – Science Daredevil & TV Presenter Greg Foot has been shot, frozen, electrocuted and buried alive in the name of science. He’s even gone under the knife to find out what human’s taste of. Luckily he won’t be doing any of this at Science Showoff. That would be too messy and void our insurance. Instead, he’s going to tell the gruesome, bizarre and downright bonkers stories of the Top 10 Scientific Human Guinea Pigs – researchers who have pushed themselves to the limits to further human knowledge. Knowledge we probably could have done without.

Fiona Russell – A pain scientist for over ten years, Fiona still gets mistaken for a PhD student. Here she explains her love for Botox.

Beck Smith – set details to come.

Andrew Steele – Andrew is a physicist-turned-computational-biologist, and he’ll be talking about neither. Instead, he’ll be making sense of what we spend on science, iPhones and toilet paper with the Scienceogram.

Martin Austwick – Martin Zaltz Austwick is a sociable physicist at UCL-CASA, a somewhat sociable podcaster on Answer Me This, Brain Train and Global Lab, and a barely socialised musician with The Sound of The Ladies. He also really likes eggs, and will be explaining their relation to science, hairdressing, and democracy.

Kat Arney – Cancer, credulity and quackery – from Ernest Bashford to drinkable suncreen. They didn’t work then and they still don’t work now – Cancer Research UK’s Dr Kat Arney takes a look back at a century of ‘miracle cures’ for cancer.

Chris Clarke – I’m a physicist turned science communicator wondering haplessly into the realms of chemistry and materials while I play with the science of food and then eat it. I’ll be inviting you to stare lovingly into a pint, delicately sampling its exquisite sciencey qualities, before a good old fashioned quaff.

Neil Jerome – set to be confirmed.

The gig is at the Star of Kings, which is rapidly becoming our favourite small venue in London. The last three curated Science Showoffs there all sold out well beforehand (so BUY TICKETS FAST) and were exceptionally brilliant fun. Doors will be at 7pm with the gig kicking off at 7.30. All the best seats will have been taken by 7.15!

[ plus don’t forget Geek Showoff aka “The Entire Internet Drunk On Stage In One Evening” the night after (June 18th): ]


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