Science Showoff at the Royal Society – June 30th

I can’t think of anything more august than Science Showoff. There is nothing in the world of research more dripping with gravitas, seriousness and Establishment values than us. (SHHH!!!! THIS IS WHAT WE TOLD THEM! DON’T SPOIL IT!!).

We’re coming to the Royal Society again! On Monday 30th June they’re doing one of those super-fashionable Lates things called ‘Twilight Science’, and guess who will be hiding out the back misbehaving like CRAZY? YES!! IT’S US!!

So come and spend a boozy, funny evening with us in the club that runs UK science. We’ll be entertained by some amazing science communicators old (Steve) and new (everyone else) with a mixture of talks, jokes, music and whatever else they feel like. They are:

Dr Steve Cross – science comedian. Annoying.

Anna Ploszajski – UCL chemist/engineer

Dr Monika Bohm – Zoological Society of London animal expert

Dr Ross Williams – University of Lincoln molecular biologist

Soazig Clifton – NatCen social researcher

Rajiv Ramaswamy – UCL biomedical imager

Dr Audrey Nailor – Science Showoff Bristol team member

Dr Andy Holding – University of Cambridge biochemist

Rob Stanley – UCL biological modeller

Dr Kate Storrs – UCL teaching fellow in visual perception

Come and join us on June 30th at 7.30 (doors open 7.00) for an amazing evening. There will be a bar and it will be AMAZING. It’s FREE!!

Full details of Twilight Science are here:


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