Science Showoff Bristol 7, July 17th – LINEUP ANNOUNCED

Bristol. How are things? Enjoying the World Cup? Of course you’re not. You don’t really understand how football works, do you Bristol? And all the beer advertising must really drive you insane. Rugby and cider, eh? Rugby and cider are the big Bristol things. Well, rugby, cider and mucking about on stage talking about science, of course.

We’re bringing chaotic science cabaret to Bristol for the SEVENTH time in July, with a cracking lineup who will tell you stories, make jokes, do demos and generally bring science to life in fun ways.

And who is this lineup, I hear you ask? Well, they are:

Steve Cross – Science Showoff MC, glasses wearer and nerd.

Ceri-Wyn Thomas – I will be explaining how woodpeckers will prove to be the saviours of humanity, through the media of materials science and awesome 80s action-adventure shows. AWESOME!!!!!

Hannah Woolley – Ever had a hangover when you really didn’t deserve to? I’ll be looking at what makes some beers worse for hangovers than others.

Kevlin Henney – There will be beer. There will be pizza. There will be romance. There will be humour. And there will be quantum mechanics. I’ll be reading Schrödinger’s Pizza”, a lab lit tale that bridges postgrad–undergrad relationships, the art–science divide and the questionable entanglement of metaphor and vegetarian food.

 Aaron Boardley – Empathy, mockery, or basic psychology? I always seem to imitate the accents and intonations of anyone I spend more than five minutes with…but why? I’ll spend a few minutes exploring the reasons behind this funny little quirk, and may even provide answers. WARNING: may include bad impressions.

Ross Exton – Imagine a creature which can invade your body, take over your mind, and kill you just for the fun of it. You may even have one living inside you right now, without you even realising it. I’m going to be talking about the supervillains of the animal world: Parasites.

Ezzy Pearson – Could blowing up the Moon with giant robot spiders help save the world? I’ll be exploring whether space mining will become a reality in our lifetime and why we’re thinking of doing it.

Karl Byrne – set tbc.

JV Chamary – Fuck Pandas (and Screw Giraffes): This won’t be an incitement to bestiality, just an expletive-laden rant about biodiversity. I’ll show photos of cute animals and describe a new conservation strategy.

The gig is at the Grain Barge in Bristol on July 17th. Doors open at 7pm with the gig starting at 7.30. We should be done by 10 and there will be an intermission. The gig is FREE but we’ll be collecting on the door for CALM (who work to prevent suicide, the largest killer of men under 50 in the UK) and we suggest a donation of FIVE POUNDS, all of which will go to the charity.

See you there!

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