Science Showoff at the Manchester Science Festival – SIGNUP TO PERFORM

Manchester is a really funny place. For a start they’re all obsessed with whinecore guitar-botherers My Chemical Romance. Secondly they have two football teams, BOTH OF THEM EVIL. Most big cities have one obviously good one and one evil one (Leeds only has an evil one, of course), but not Manchester.

But we love Manchester. It’s the best city in the UK on every scientific measure, and they’re brave enough to put us on at the weekend in a town that loves to party!

We’re coming back to MOSI, about to be under brilliant new management, for a night of scientific chaos and fun. Science Showoff is a night where ANYONE, can perform ANYTHING, in ANY STYLE, about ANY KIND OF SCIENCE. You might be a scientist, a teacher, a science communicator, a science fan, a comedian, an artist, a musician, a writer, a dancer, an actor, a raconteur or even Richard Dawkins himself (jokes, Dawkins is banned obvs) and we will give you time (9 minutes) on our stage to strut your stuff.

Now is your chance. Go to this website, put in your name and a short description of your set, click a box and YOU WILL BE PERFORMING.

The gig is Friday October 24th, and we’ll need you from about 6.30pm to about 10.00pm. Performers are not paid (not even the MC) as all ticket revenue will go to charity.

The gig will be hosted by Steve Cross. He is a nerd.


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