SCIENCE SHOWOFF 6th September at the British Science Festival – LINEUP ANNOUNCED.


We’re coming back to Birmingham!

Do you like science? Do you like fun? Do you like to see people doing what they love and not worrying about whether it’s perfect? Our chaotic science cabaret is for you!

As part of the British Science Festival we’re rolling into town to host some of the best communicators of science the West Midlands has to offer, performing 9-minute sets about the things they love the most. Joining us for this amazing event will be:

Steve Cross – the Showoff MC bursts into a new season of gigs with loads of new science-y jokes and ridiculous adventures to talk about.

Toby Dignum – I’ll be doing a talk about my favourite number, the square root of two. It’s a story about a terrifying shape, Greek vegetarians, a murder, and my cat. WARNING: contains algebra!

Faraz Alam – The Funny side of the Flesh Eating Bacteria: Come with me on a voyage of discovery, to hear the many things I have learned through my research, such as the dangers of farting, when fellatio can turn dangerous and the strange things that can happen when you make bacteria glow in the dark.

Sarah Cosgriff – Are you a scientist who needs advice? Look no further – Sarah is an agony aunt for scientists.  She will be giving her straightforward advice, based on scientific research, to common problems she receives.

David Urry – Nothing explains the science of biological attraction better than country and western music, or the quirks of animal mating rituals like a low down and dirty blues lick – maybe! Either way, come listen to some toe tapping educational ‘classics’  like ‘Prairie Voles are Monogamous’ and ‘Dig a Hole Like a Mole Cricket’.

Francesca Day – Particle physics meets stand up comedy. We’re hunting for new particles, but what’s real and what’s just physics fan fiction?

Sarah Weldon – The Great British Viking Quest: Sunstones, Swords, and Science. In May 2015, Sarah will row the length of the River Thames, before heading out to sea along the same routes that the vikings rowed one thousand years ago. Did the vikings get seasick? How did they use a sunstone to navigate? Where did they find the metal to make their swords?

Jim Bell – Spider love or: how I learned to stop worrying and learned to love arachnids. A rationalisation of one man’s potentially unhealthy obsession with spiders.

Maia Elliott – Unhappy with the cards you were dealt at birth? Aren’t we all. But not for long! “Rigging the Genetic Lottery: A Beginner’s Guide” will show you how to overcome all your little DNA problems! It’s child’s play! (May require a complete change of lifestyle, cutting-edge DNA surgery and a massive lump of luck)

There’s a Facebook event here you can join and share with your friends:

And here’s where you can get tickets:

The gig is at the Elgar Concert Hall, Bramall Music Building, University of Birmingham. That’s here on Saturday September 6th. The gig is at 8.00pm sharp. Get there early!

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