SCIENCE SHOWOFF 4.1 – Star of Kings, London, Sept 16th


London! Did you miss us? Season 4 starts here with a special treat – a night of chaotic science fun and excitement on September 16th curated by our compere and founder, Steve Cross. We’ll be filling the stage with science folk talking, telling jokes, doing demos, making music and generally just showing off. You just need to fill the room with your lovely selves.

And best of all – your ticket money will all go to the Child Poverty Action Group.

Tonight’s acts are a mixture of incredible new faces and hardened Showoff veterans:

David Mills – I’ll be taking about taking photos of the insides of things including my lunch and old books with X-Rays.

Helen Zaltzman – Helen Zaltzman is one half of the Sony Award-winning podcast Answer Me This!. She is an ‘internet expert’ on BBC 5 Live and created the world’s first giant inflatable Boggle set.

Chris Creese – After surviving venomous snakes and a band of faeces-throwing howler monkeys while living in the jungle for a PhD, Chris decided to take on the challenge of helping scientists communicate their research. The worlds are not so far apart and there’s still plenty of shit-dodging. Come hear Chris share behind-the-scenes stories of her scicomm (mis)adventures.

Dan Schreiber – Dan is a bespectacled funnyperson, broadcaster and raconteur. He’s the brains behind Radio 4’s Museum of Curiosity and is about to front his very own Channel 4 show.

Sam Evans – I’ll be talking about how we understand speech, and why speech scientists love to watch the clangers.

Sheila Kanani – I am usually physics’s number one fan, but for one night only I’ll be putting it down! Normally science helps us understands things, but physics just messes with your brain. I’ll use optical illusions and some brain hurting information about light and colour to denegrate physics!

Zoe Cunningham – Zoe Cunningham taxes her renaissance brain to the limit by attempting the previously unseen feat of Easy Science Experiments for Children. Yes, it does require safety goggles. Stand back.

Els Price – I’ll have a powerpoint presentation of fat monkeys to help discuss diabetes in primates from an evolutionary medical perspective (hopefully!) and the conclusion will definitely be that monkeys shouldn’t eat doughnuts, or ice cream.

Anna Darron – Anna Darron is not a scientist.. but she does work at the Science Museum!
She’ll answer the burning questions you never knew you had: ‘Where can you charge your Mars Rover?’  ‘What is the true colour of Science?’ and ‘Can you do CPR in space? ‘

James Longstaff – Do you like cheese? What do you really know about it? James has been attempting to fill in some gaps in his knowledge and will be talking about “The Science of Cheese.”

The gig is at the Star of Kings, which is rapidly becoming our favourite small venue in London. The last four curated Science Showoffs there all sold out well beforehand (so BUY TICKETS FAST) and were exceptionally brilliant fun. Doors will be at 7pm with the gig kicking off at 7.30. All the best seats will have been taken by 7.15!

We have raised ticket prices this year to help get more cash into the hands of charities who need it. They’re now £6, but all of this money will still go to our chosen charity the Child Poverty Action Group.

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