Last year we played at the Manchester Science Festival. The room was full, the crowd were lovely and the quality of the local science talent was unbelievable. It is only right that this year we return for more. We’re bringing science, comedy, demos, music, chaos and mucking about back to the best city in the UK. But only for one night!

And what a lineup we have this time!

Steve Cross will be your compere and MC. He’s a science comedian and mega-nerd.

Tom Bishop – Like humans, ants come in all shapes and sizes. I love them all, and want to share my burning passion for these lovely ladies with you. 

Sheena Cruickshank – A quick trip into the scary world of parasite mind control.

Katie Steckles – Mathematician Katie Steckles is always looking for obscure mathematical results she can use to impress audiences. Armed only with a block of A4 paper and a pair of scissors, she’ll be showing off her latest favourite bit of maths.

Scott Smith – Scott is a BA turned MSc student and hopes to take you on a brief exploration of the brain. Expect popping neurons, sticky tau and a ‘fasten’ating tour of PSP. 

Martin Currie – The Raygun Consultancy, with all due humility, seeks an opportunity, to display our weaponry, of terrible lethality, spreading our philosophy, rigorously and forcefully, of the necessity, to protect reality, from a catastrophe, through Raygun tee totality. One man’s struggle to stem the flood of Ray Guns, currently engulfing us all.

Sophie Powell – Join me on the search for the secret of eternal youth and uncover the truth behind the baffling science of the cosmetic industry! Can beauty products really live up to their ambitious claims?

Phil Manning – Phil is Professor of Natural History and Director of the cross-faculty Interdisciplinary Centre for Ancient Life (ICAL: at the University of Manchester (UK). Phil is also an STFC Science in Society Fellow, promoting science and technology to as wide an audience as possible.

Nate Adams – Highbrow research engagement through the medium of velcro, as Nate discusses his latest favourite experiment (i.e. it works) – Peak Force Quantitative Nanomechanical Mapping. There will also be party poppers…

Marcin Poblocki – Physics of FIRE and ICE (How to make a dry ice and plasma. Sublimation and ionization process).

Full details are available on the Manchester Science Festival website. Tickets are on sale in advance for £5, and all profits will go towards the Museum of Science & Industry’s charitable work in Manchester.

The gig is at MOSI, Liverpool Road, Castlefield, Manchester, M3 4FP. Doors open at 7.00pm.


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