GEEK SHOWOFF 7 – October 27th, Old Queens Head London



Oh science.

You do go on sometimes: “Higgs Boson this… fMRI that… give me more money… don’t ask questions… blah blah blah…”

Couldn’t we hear about something else for once?

Yes. Yes we can.

GEEK SHOWOFF, the non-science version of Science Showoff is back with a lineup of brilliant obsessives and passionate lovers of things that will blow you away. Join us for a night of chaotic explorations of the things we love, and help raise money for an amazing charity (Arts Emergency) at the same time.

Tonight you’ll see:

Steve Cross – glasses-wearer and ubernerd
Charlotte Young – artist and creator of the unexpected
Helen Clarkson – Showoff stage manager and cycling hero
Dawn Foster – political journalist and Sky News starlet
Nathan Willcock – comedian and dreamer of dreams
Cerys Bradley – Criminal Scientist and pop culture dynamo
Sam Wong – PR guru and erstwhile bioLOLogist
Kimberley Freeman – Jewellery purchaser and bakelite sniffer
Juliet Jacques – Writer and scourge of Twitter bellends
Dave Pickering – Storyteller and tragic hero
Alice Bell – Writer and chronicler of the left

Each of these unique and individual talents will get 9 minutes to take you into their world. And then NERD THE HELL OUT.

Tickets are £5 (plus 50p booking fee) and that fiver will all go to Arts Emergency who work tirelessly to try to make the UK arts and cultural industries diverse and fun rather than stuffed with the over-fed, under-talented offspring of Tory donors. From:

Doors will open at 7.00pm on Monday October 27th. The gig should finish at about 10pm. It’s upstairs at the Old Queens Head on Essex Rd, London.

Buy a ticket. Have a great time. Maybe learn something, yeah?


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