SCIENCE SHOWOFF 4.2 – Curated by Carla Washbourne. Oct 21st


For one night only Science Showoff, your favourite chaotic night of science exploration, presents a policy-themed night, curated by Dr Carla Washbourne from the UCL Dept of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy. Tonight experts in all the aspects of science will train their metaphorical microscopes onto a huge variety of subjects to create a memorable and messy night for you.

Tonight, for 9 minutes each, you’ll see:

Steve Cross – “A hyper well-informed science troll” (quote from television’s Elise Bramich)

Sarah Bell – ‘Dumb desalination’ – Why desalination won’t solve the world’s water problems and how it might make energy and pollution problems worse. Unless you live in Texas.

Oli Marsh – I’ll look at how science in social media makes G​eek Chic into Geek Clique.

Els Merry-Price – The MSc of Microwear to Monkeys: When Science Goes Horribly Wrong”. The lesser spotted side of public science (even worse than the null hypothesis) featuring the tragic tale of tupperware and some seriously fat monkeys…

Cerys Bradley – Spiders and sex; an evaluation of evolution. With other animal facts.

Sarah Day – What is a boulder? Is this a petrified finger? (picture attached). How do I stab someone with a meteorite? Was setting up a geology enquiries inbox the worst idea I’ve ever had? At least some of these questions will be answered.  

Tasha Bray – set details tbc

Sophie Scott – I will re-create the Marvin Suggs and his Muppaphone for science.

Thrish Nanayakkara – Try to estimate the weight of a book, and guess why you gently bobbed it up down several times. I will try to share some thoughts on this based on our recent experiments on embodied perception

Carla Washbourne – A scenic tour through science policy: calling at Newcastle, London, Edinburgh (and an inexplicably large number of fields in the middle of nowhere)

And more to come!

Tickets cost £6 (plus a 60p booking fee) and all of that £6 will go to Global Generation who support young people to create the sustainable in which they want to live. You can buy a ticket here:

The gig is on October 21st, in the basement of the Star of Kings in Kings Cross. Doors open at 7pm, and the gig should finish at about 10pm.


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