SCIENCE SHOWOFF at The Bloomsbury Theatre – Nov 6th


The chaotic science cabaret event, Science Showoff, your favourite chaotic night of science exploration, is back at the Bloomsbury.

Ten of UCL and London’s finest communicators of science will share their knowledge and entertain you throughout the evening with jokes, talks, music, demos and even poetry. Your host is Dr. Steve Cross, geeky joke-teller and veteran of more than 60 Science Showoffs.

Lineup includes:
Carolyn McGettigan (RHUL)
Steve Fossey (University of London Observatory)
Anna Ploszajski (UCL)
Steve Le Comber (QMUL)
Nick Neasom (UCL)
Erica McAllister (Natural History Museum)
Rob Stanley (UCL)
Jon Wood (University of Birmingham)
Cerys Bradley (UCL)


Watch for more details.

All the ticket money is being donated to Medecins Sans Frontiers



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