SCIENCE SHOWOFF curated by Simon Foster – Nov 18th, Star of Kings


Well. This is exciting.

Your favourite chaotic science mess of an event have only gone and got Simon Foster, Sky TV’s favourite checker of science accuracy and your gran’s favourite blower-up of stuff, to curate an evening of science-based fun and frolics.

This means 10 incredible acts from Simon’s little black book, and a real treat for you.

The gig will be MCed as ever by Steve Cross, our troublesome in-house comedian and thorn in the side of positivists everywhere. He’ll be joined by:

Matt Allinson and Gilead Amit – Find out why the King of Denmark give a nose-less aristocrat the most generous research grant in history, and why this led to a pet moose getting drunk and falling to its death down the palace steps. We are two thirds of the blog “Tycho’s nose” and will give you the biography of our eponymous appendage and its attached astronomer, Tycho Brahe.

Emily Mayhew – What form of complex, long term casualty was experienced by soldiers in 21st century Afghanistan AND by those from the Great War?  Dr Emily Mayhew will tell you the answer as well as teaching you how to say two of the most complicated names in all of Science AND introducing you to a truly amazing woman scientist whose achievements were a century ahead of their time.

Marc Coury – With fossil fuels running out we need to turn to alternative energy sources, what are our options? Fusion energy, the holy grail of the nuclear industry, is one such option but how far away is it?

Jo Stephenson -Ukulele-toting songstress Jo Stephenson will be singing a selection of science-y songs – some more science-y than others.

Nic Harrigan – “I will be showing you how to detect subatomic particles from the other side of the universe by consuming alcohol. Actually, there are two ways to do this – I will reveal the less traditional method.”

Emily Grossman – Emily Grossman, resident science expert on Sky1’s Duck Quacks Don’t Echo and ITV’s The Alan Titchmarsh Show, explains as many weird and wonderful science facts as she can fit into 9 minutes!

Terry Rudolph – I’m a quantum physicist who spends his weekends wondering what the *&^% is actually going on in the microscopic world. I intend to talk about what its hard to find any kind of story, never mind one that “makes sense”, and perhaps I will outline some of the more desperate and whacky avenues I have ventured up.

Manchi Chung – Nine simple science experiments in nine minutes. Let’s proudly shout about the wonders of science whether you’re in the pub, at work, in a restaurant or in the bath tub!


The gig is on Tuesday 18th November in the basement of the Star of Kings. Doors open at 7pm and the show should run till about 10pm.

Tickets are £6, and Simon has chosen the Lightyear Foundation (long-standing Showoff friends) to receive all of that money. You can buy one here


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