SCIENCE SHOWOFF BRISTOL 9 – Thurs Nov 20th, Grain Barge


Hello Bristol!

Do you like science?

Do you like fun?

If you answered yes to at least one of those you’re our target market. And if you didn’t answer yes, then you’re our target audience to convert into a target market! We have got a gig that will suit you all PERFECTLY.

Tonight we fill the Grain Barge with science and comedy and chaos, and all for the low price of £5, ALL OF WHICH will go to charity. Tickets are available in advance from

“But”, you might ask, “who could you possibly have lined up to make this night so incredible?”. We’ve got incredible communicators of science from right across all of the spectra. They are:

Steve Cross – MC, science comedian, glasses wearer. Knows nothing at all about science. NOTHING.

Tim Maynard – Spiders! Sometimes hairy, often scary, find out why these 8 legged freaks should and could be our best friends

Georgia Malcolm – “Stuff Idiots Believe about Chemistry: The real science behind three internet myths explained”

Robert Cooper – A rapid tour through the variety of modern snakes and how they evolved to hunt and survive. Find out what snake venom does to your blood, how cuban boa’s catch bats in complete darkness and which snake eats rattlesnakes.

Beth Cotterell – Each tiger has a unique set of stripes but also a unique personality and history; I’ll be telling some of their heart-warming and…not so heart-warming stories I learned during the trials and tribulations of building my facial stripe recognition software.

Rachel Jones – Exploring the men exploring the mysteries of the female body, and how their science was sometimes good, sometimes bad, and sometimes downright bizarre.

Jenny Jopson – What happens when you unleash giant rats (well, actors wearing giant rat heads) on the drunken punters of Glastonbury Festival? Jenny Jopson of renegade event producers Guerilla Science will talk about the pleasures and pitfalls of taking science into muddy fields.

Steph Wakeman – Morbid curiosity; what does it exactly entail and why do people seem so interested in it? Let me take you through a macabre voyage of gore, war and massacres.

Anthony Poveda – Many unhelpful things have been said about Time: Time is the fourth dimension. Time is relative. Time is of the essence. Time is on your side. Time waits for no man, woman, or indeed any dimensions of gender. Time was this was all trees. What a mess of a concept! So can we unravel it even a little bit in the (space)Time allotted by Steve ‘The Iron Stopwatch’ Cross? Lock up your TARDIS, it’s Time to find out.’

Rhys Phillips  – Radio presenter and mathematician Rhys Phillips has noticed that all pop music sounds the same. He will be using maths to work out many different possible tunes there are and asking why all Scouting for Girls sound the same.

The gig is at the Grain Barge in Bristol on November 20th. Doors open at 7pm with the gig starting at 7.30. We should be done by 10 and there will be an intermission. Tickets are £5 (all of that goes to our charity CALM, The Campaign Against Living Miserably)

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