SCIENCE SHOWOFF with SpotOn London – Fri 14th Nov, Star of Kings


Once a year, SpotOn (Science Policy, Outreach and Tools Online) comes to town so that all the people who are fascinated by science online can come together and compare notes (this year it’s free! THAT’S INCREDIBLE).

Here at Science Showoff we’re HUGE fans of science online. Well, we like naked mole rat memes, drunken tweeting and The Slow Mo Guys, but that counts, right? So we love teaming up with SpotOn to do a special gig with a bit of a digital flavour. Join us tonight for some chaotic science cabaret with a social twist.

Tonight’s acts, each ready to wow you with science and blindside you with laughs are:

Steve Cross – Science comedian, MC, troublemaker.
Holly Rogers – Chair of Science London and examiner of the science of SciFi.
Steve Le ComberSenior Lecturer at QMUL and mathematical murderer hunter.
Els Merry-Price – Anthropologist and curator of fat monkeys.
Shaz Rathore – Neuroscientist at UCL and asker of questions.
Faraz Alam – Medic and bacteria hunter.
Jamie Upton – Scientist and art lover.
Alfredo Carpineti – Astronomer and TIME TRAVELLER!?!
Ian Bowkett – Poet and science nut.
Rowena Fletcher-Wood – Storyteller and evolution expert.
Elliann Fairbairn – Cancer expert and persecuted minority.

The gig is on Friday 14th November in the basement of the Star of Kings. Doors open at 7pm and the show should run till about 10pm.

Tickets are £6, and we’ve chosen the Lightyear Foundation (long-standing Showoff friends) to receive all of that money. You can buy one here



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