SCIENCE SHOWOFF curated by Simon Watt. Dec 16th. Star of Kings.

Ticket link


And can you believe the treats that Santa* has got in his bulging science sack** for all the good boys and girls*** this year?

* = Guest curator Simon Watt
** = line-up of amazing acts
*** = you, the ticket-buying public

He’s got:

Steve Cross – Showoff MC, international science comedian (he has done one gig in Belgium), racounteur, monster.

Helen Arney – The Geek Songstress (as seen on BBC2 and Comedy Central) will be performing a Christmassy set of songs. She’ll be mashing up her usual blend of “science, music & ukulele”… in other words… “Cue miniscule ice elks”!

Rob Wells – Rob is a data strategist and stand up comedian who will be combining those two disparate fields for nine minutes of spell-binding Winter Entertainment and / or above-average PowerPoint.

Neil Denny – Neil Denny makes the Little Atoms Radio Show and podcast. He’ll be talking about how a cushion nearly started a nuclear war.

Erica McAlisterSex and seduction as told by flies. Some of them kiss, some stroke, and some even give presents but don’t be fooled – they drink, womanise and make the woman perform for them in demeaning fashions. Sound familiar? What with some strange adaptations and some interesting developments the wonderful sex lives of flies will be revealed.

Stevyn Colgan – Stevyn is an author, illustrator, QI ‘elf’ and co-writer of ‘The Museum of Curiosity’ for BBC R4. He’s going to talk about aliens; why they won’t be humanoid and may shit bricks.

Jules Howard – The coevolution of duck genitalia.

Claire Asher – Claire is a behavioural ecologist and science communicator. She’ll be talking politics, sex and death in ants, and her bizarre experiences as a social insect biologist.

Nick Crumpton – After stints as a zoologist, media-dabbler, and childrens author, Nick now works at the Natural History Museum in London as a presenter of Nature Live and part-time secret science-doer. He has an inordinate fondness for small mammals, graphic novels, speaking into microphones, and occasionally growing beards.

Timandra HarknessComedian and writer Timandra Harkness is currently touring Brainsex, a neuroscientific comedy co-starring Socrates the rat. Tonight, odds are she’ll be doing something more statistical, though we don’t have sufficient data to predict more exactly.

Simon Watt – Simon  will be discussing the work of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society (@UglyAnimal) and his fondness for frogs.

This monumental lineup are all performing at the Star of Kings on Tuesday December 16th. Door open at 7pm. Tickets are £6 (all of which goes to Street Doctors, Simon’s chosen charity for this month).

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