SCIENCE SHOWOFF curated by Hannah Fry. Jan 19th, Star of Kings


Maths. It’s a word we hear a lot. We all know that maths is the plural of math. It’s what happens when more than one math gets together. But what is a math? Join us on January 19th for a special chaotic science cabaret extravaganza to find out.

Tonight’s very special not-at-all-on-the-spectrum maths lineup has been put together by the frankly astonishing Dr Hannah Fry, the acceptable face of numbers in the UK. She’s chosen her favourite incredible acts to take us into the frightening world of quantitativeness, as well as having a notoriously maths-phobic MC forced upon her. Tonight you’ll see:

Steve Cross – Comedian and compere. Nerd and math refuser. Doesn’t know pi. Has eaten pie.

Elise Bramich – Probability and the apocalypse. You do the math.

Maddie Moate – Maddie Moate is a science and technology presenter, blogger and YouTube educator. Maddie is currently blogging about the ‘Connected Home’ for and presenting the BBC’s ‘Earth Unplugged’, a YouTube channel exploring and answering weird and wonderful questions about the natural world.

Thomas Oléron Evans – Scissors-paper-stone. Just a game of luck, right? So how come there are computer programmes that can beat human players with ease? And how should you play in a round worth twenty million dollars?

Jen Rogers – Jen Rogers will be combining everyone’s two favourite subjects: statistics and speed cameras, to explore the confusion between causality and chance.

Rob Eastaway – Rob Eastaway, author of numerous books including the bestselling Why Do Buses Come in Threes? and Maths for Mums and Dads, will demonstrate the magical maths behind the riffle-shuffle of a pack of cards.

Katie Steckles – Katie Steckles is a mathematician based in Manchester, who visits schools and science festivals around the UK to talk about maths. She enjoys baking things in the shape of maths, and trying to solve a Rubik’s cube in increasingly awkward situations.

Ben Sparks – Pretty Irrational: How can maths be irrational? What does irrational even mean? Is there a “most irrational thing”? Is it pretty? May contain music and hypnosis.

Sarah Wiseman – When reading numbers, we don’t HAVE to think about them mathematically, I know that is a blasphemous thing to say. In this set I’ll talk about the different ways we can think about numbers, and what can happen when the number reading process goes wrong.

Adam TownsendThe maths of chocolate fountains:  Delicious, obviously, but can you do a PhD in it? We’ll find out how to make predictions for chocolatey flows, and then work out (a) whether we can use other types of chocolate, (b) whether we could make a pioneering ketchup fountain, and (c) why chocolate fountains fall inwards, not directly downwards.

Plus More!!

The gig is on Monday 19th January, at the Star of Kings on York Way (nearest tube Kings Cross), with the doors opening at 7pm.

Tickets are on sale from for £6, with all of that money going to Hannah’s chosen charity, London Youth.


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