SCIENCE SHOWOFF curated by Prof Sophie Scott. March 17th, Star of Kings.



Don’t worry. We’d never do a zombie-themed gig. ZOMBIES ARE SO OVER.

But we still love the brain, and that’s why we’ve teamed up with long-term Showoff Science Advisor Prof Sophie Scott to pull together a whole night of chaotic science cabaret around the theme of the brain. And it’s during Brain Awareness Week too!

The gig is on Tuesday March 17th in the basement of the Star of Kings. It’ll feature the following amazing brainy acts taking 9 minutes each to make something science-y happen on stage:

Steve Cross – comedian and Science Showoff’s MC. Might not have a brain given the rubbish that comes out of his mouth.

Sophie Scott herself – set details tbc

Sophie Meekings – I’m deaf. I study voices. This was a terrible decision. Let me amaze your ears with some cool demos I probably won’t be able to hear.

Mairead Macsweeney – An exploration of sign language and the brain.

Aaron Margolis – The Kohnstamm Phenomenon: we explain the science behind an old party trick, and demonstrate how your muscles can be fooled into moving of their own accord

Alex Leff – How we see the world and why it doesn’t disappear every time we move our eyes. Did you know that you can see everyone else’s eyes move but not you own? I’ll explain why that is and how our brain builds up a picture of the visual world piece-by-piece, yet we have the strong impression that we can see everything in front of us all at the same time.

Duncan Wisbey – “Alongside his acting career Duncan Wisbey has been an impressionist on programmes like Dead Ringers and the Big Impression, working with and learning from the best in the country, such as Alistair McGowan, Jon Culshaw and Lewis McLeod. Tonight he will show some of the tricks of the trade and reveal some of the fascinating things he’s learned about the brain from working with Professor Sophie Scott. He will also give a little performance and will happily take questions from the audience.”

Leun Otten – Leun Otten is a cognitive neuroscientist who likes to play with minds… and who will show you how your mind can play with you.

Erman Misirlisoy – I’ll be talking about fallacious thinking and how it affects casinos, starships, and the Daily Mail.

Doors open at 7pm and the gig will finish around 10pm. Tickets cost £6 and we’ll be donating all of that money to a charity of Sophie’s choice. Over 18s only.



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