SCIENCE SHOWOFF curated by Neil Denny – April 21st, Star of Kings

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WE MADE IT. Winter is over and everyone can cheer up. Mirrored aviators are now completely acceptable at all times, rather than just when hiding a brutal hangover.


This month our guest curator is a bit of a celebrity – he’s Neil Denny, the voice and brain of Little Atoms, a Resonance FM show and podcast that has recently spawned into an entire self-facilitating media node right here

Neil has picked ten of his favourite science voices and we’ve given them 9 minutes each on stage to show you their stuff. What will happen? WE HAVE NO IDEA. Chaos is in the brand values 😉

Steve Cross – Geek comedian, MC, confused non-explainer of science. Naked mole rat fan.

Monika Bohm – German geek, lover of freshwater molluscs, interested in extinction risk. Maybe it’s time to go for a drink at the bar – or maybe it’s time to join me in the weird, wonderful – and yes, sometimes depressing – world of assessing species for the IUCN Red List. It’s only a few minutes of your life – what’s the worst that can happen? Well, extinction, I suppose, but chances are rather slim…

Carl Murray – “My mother-in-law is orbiting Saturn”. Have you ever wondered what you might find if you sent a spacecraft to Saturn and studied the images it returned? Carl Murray is a planetary scientist who has been a member of the Imaging Team on the Cassini spacecraft since 1990.

Helen Scales – True to her name, Helen Scales is a marine biologist who’s rather fond of all things fishy. She’ll be talking about her upcoming book Spirals in Time featuring animals that admittedly don’t have scales, but they do have lovely shells.

Simon Watt – I will be talking about my new project @LevelUpHuman and what the next stage in human evolution might be.

Andrea Hart – Andrea Hart is a Special Collections Curator in the Natural History Musuem Library and will explore an “almost” A-Z of the weird and wonderful scientific illustrations that lurk in the collections.

Shoshana Weider – Manhattan, aliens, and atomic bombs. Plot of a new disaster movie? Planetary geologist Shoshana Weider will tell all.

Claire Asher – Claire is a science writer and communicator, recovering academic and ant geek. She writes the Curious Meerkat blog. She’ll be taking us on a whistle-stop tour of love, life and death in the animal kingdom.

Dan Schreiber – set details tbc

Helen Keen – Helen Keen will be trying out ideas for her forthcoming radio project about The Future. (And – like The Future – it’s all a bit nebulous at the moment…) No fate but what we make! (And I’ve not made it, yet)

Tracy King – set details tbc

The gig is at the Star of Kings on Tuesday April 21st. Doors are 7pm and the show should be done by about 10. Tickets are £6 (plus booking fee) and that money will go to Resonance FM, a charitable arts radio show where Little Atoms began.

Over 18s only.


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