SCIENCE SHOWOFF engineering special – May 19th, Star of Kings London


Let’s be honest; Science is rubbish. Science is all like “Oh we found that the error bars of previous estimates of the heritability of that trait are unlikely to be statistically accurate to the degree of freedom presumed by previous authors”.

But Engineering is all like “I’m sorry I can’t hear you because I’m listening to Erik B and Rakim on an mp3 player the size of a hazelnut that I just made while building a bridge to the moon. YOU’RE WELCOME.

And that’s why we’ve asked Oliver Broadbent, the greatest civil engineer London has to offer, to curate a lineup of amazing engineering talent to entertain us for a night. He’s also chosen Engage for Development as the charity to whom we’ll give all your ticket money.

Join us for a night of chaotic engineering-themed cabaret, with talks, jokes, music, demos and everything else you’ve ever wanted to know about the subject that saves lives (and takes them away, weapons research people am I right?). You’ll see:

Steve Cross – not an engineer. Not a scientist. Barely human. Compere, joke-teller and trouble-maker.

Oliver Broadbent – The man who makes concrete sexy again.

Alistair Lenczner – A designer who has designed all sorts of things from a table to a giant football stadium, a bus to a  giant bridge, a Meccano bird to a giant airport.  I also compose music, plays drums and draw portraits……..

Yasmin Ali – Chemical Engineer with a short attention span. Talking about the magic of 3D printing.

Corina Kwami – Singing city-loving engineer who works on water issues and jazz in cities.

Ben Godber Ben Godber is a structural engineer who reckons you need more danger in your life. With your help he’ll be explaining why that bridge hasn’t fallen over yet using a rather fetching pair of roller skates.

Anna Ploszajski (and friends) – What happens when you put hydrogen fuel cells and drunk people together.

Bob Barnes – I’m gonna take the sexy out of dancing and fill it full of forces instead.

Chris Mills – Raining on a Russian Constructivist’s parade’ – the story of when a student of engineering set out to determine the actual feasibility of Tatlin’s Tower, a utopian spiralling 400m monument proposed in Moscow following the 1917 Revolution.

Tom Cohen – Despite having spent a great deal of time observing engineers in their natural habitat, remains unable to explain many of their characteristics. He intends to share his perplexity as a cheap alternative to providing any real insight.

Becci Taylor – The secret world of building services engineering.

The gig is in the basement of the Star of Kings (that’s here) on Tuesday May 19th with the doors opening at 7pm. Tickets are £6 plus booking fee from here and that £6 will go to Oli’s chosen charity.


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