SCIENCE SHOWOFF curated by Lindsay Keith (The Refinery) – London, June 16th


Guys we survived the engineers! We had to tell them that we secretly hate science and don’t love it but it was a lie and we only said it to try and make them like us and then we thought who wants an engineer to like them anyway but then some of them were quite nice and we were a bit confused about who we liked and we didn’t know if it was you or them and to be honest we’re probably going to hang out with them a bit more in the future but we’ll also hang out with you because it’s always been good and anyway we are back here with you and it will all be brilliant again and yay science!

This month’s gueat curator is the marvellous Lindsay Keith from the TV/video/events producers Refinery. She has reached deep into her bag of tricks to bring you ten acts for a chaotic night of weird science with a twist of high-stakes entertainment. They’ll each get 9 minutes on stage to wow you and show you that you’ll never find a better way to give £6 to charity.

Tonight see:

Steve Cross – Our compere, who in the last month has run sell-out Showoffs with engineers, historians and Bristolians, returns to the subject that first ruined his life: science.

Holly Rogers – I’m going to try and put people off the Underground by talking about what lives down there!

Lindsay herself – Lindsay is a former scientist, TV producer and business owner who has now had so many careers that she’s losing count. Or she might be, but she’s not sure. Ageing: It comes to us all. Well unless you’re Benjamin Button or have a special mirror in the attic – but surely there have to be some positives right? Lindsay does the research so you don’t have to and will be Showing Off about age related hirsutism, memory loss, degenerative physiology and …where am I again?

Ruth McAvinia – I’ll be talking about numerical weather prediction and running towards and away from tornadoes.

Deborah Install – Deborah hopes to raise smiles with an excerpt from her recently published debut comedy A Robot in the Garden. Heat magazine called the book ‘wonderfully weird and uplifting’, and Simon Ings of the New Scientist predicts Deborah is ‘the future of science fiction’.

Tracy King – Tracy King is a producer and writer specialising in humorous science animations. Her short film, Tim Minchin’s Storm, has over 3.5million views on YouTube, and she has written and produced sci comms cartoons on topics including the history of genetics, satellites, and climate change. She writes a column in Custom PC magazine and blogs at

Chella Quint – Chella Quint loves to science, and she loves to comedy. She will be comedy science-ing at you whether you like it or not –  because she is from Brooklyn and she is tough (but she hopes you will like it because she’s not that tough).

Iszi Lawrence – Iszi Lawrence is a stand-up comedian and host of the Z List Dead List Podcast – a show about obscure people from history. She plans to be talking about some scientists you might never have heard of.

Sophie Scott – set details tbc


The gig is in the basement of the Star of Kings near King’s Cross on Tuesday June 16th. Tickets are available here: for £6 plus booking fee (the £6 will go to the Save The Children Nepal campaign, chosen by Lindsay. )


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