It’s always exciting to go and visit one of the UK’s major science cities. Scrub that. One of EUROPE’S major science cities. Did you know that Manchester is going to be the European City of Science in 2016? Not London. Not that other city in the middle whose name I forget. Manchester.

And what better way to celebrate than Science Showoff rolling into town with the British Science Association in tow, for a night of science chaos (in the traditional sense rather than the Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park sense)? Tonight we’ll unleash a torrent of science talent onto the stage at the Museum of Science and Industry, some of it local and some of it in town for the Science Communication Conference.

You’ll see:

Steve Cross – Geek comedian, founder of Bright Club, compere, trouble-maker, science communication veteran and genetically-speaking a mancunian.

Sam Illingworth – Sam Illingworth, lecturer in Science Communication at Manchester
Metropolitan University will attempt to convey the entire history of
science via the medium of poetry. If you¹re lucky it may even rhyme!

Alison Atkin – Against the better advice of her peers, Alison embarked on a PhD. One again, against the better advice of her peers, Alison has agreed to do Science Showoff… again. Come witness an ill-advised and ill-prepared individual do the only thing she knows how: research.

Jon Wood – Can psychologists really tell what you’re thinking? Experience the science behind the Jeremy Kyle show with a live demonstration on stage!

Maia Elliott – Maia will reveal how our diets can unlock an arsenal of microbial superpowers in our bodies, transforming us into bona fide super-organisms.

Claire Asher – Claire is a science writer and communicator, recovering academic and ant geek. She writes the Curious Meerkat blog. She’ll be taking us on a whistle-stop tour of love, life and death in the animal kingdom.

Dom McDonald – Dom will be sharing his biggest screw-ups, featuring a cast of paedophiles, owls, and Stephen Jay Gould.

Sarah Bearchall – Sarah Bearchell (Sarah’s Adventures in Science) won the 2014 Josh Award for her innovative approach to children’s science. Prepare to embrace your inner child as we sample a (mildly chaotic) activity from her Oxfordshire Science Festival stall.

Tim Walton – Tim is a mathematical physicist: a half-mathematician, half-scientist hybrid who doesn’t really belong in either camp.He will spend 9 minutes flailing his arms around in an attempt to explain the very small in physics using the very large in mathematics.

Danielle Bryers – Filthy, flaming or faecal, farts are the marmite of excretions.  Danielle plumbs the depths of your guts and mind to understand why some of us think trumps are top and others think they just plain stink.

Lisa Heaney – Lisa’s set comes with a warning. She will be loudly and proudly using the n-word: that’s right, neuroscience! With her own brand of edutainment, she explores the pitfalls of a PhD as well as brains, drugs and exercise.  There’ll be love, laughter and you might just learn something.

Tickets are available for £6 here. Doors open at 7pm and the gig starts at 7.30 SHARP. We’ll finish at about 10pm. The museum will have a bar open selling all your favourite stuff. Assuming you don’t like anything REALLY weird. We’ll be at the Museum of Science and Industry.


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