SCIENCE SHOWOFF curated by the UCL Public Engagement Unit – July 21st, Star of Kings

For the last seven years UCL (which those of you stuck in the olden days might call University College London) has had a team helping its researchers to interact with real people in new and interesting ways. Over that time they’ve developed loads of science talent, turning researchers into performers ready to rock any stage.

Tonight ten of those clever folk from the last seven years come together to show you just what scientists and engineers can do with a microphone and a little bit of professional help. At this chaotic extravaganza you’ll see:

Steve Cross – MC, comedian, troublemaker
Gemma Angel (UCL PhD 2009-2013) – set details tbc
Claire Asher (current UCL staff) – Claire is a science writer and communicator, behavioural ecologist and ant-wrangler. She writes the Curious Meerkat blog. Tonight she’ll answer the question nobody is asking: “why isn’t everybody an arsehole?”. From slime mould to meerkats, Claire will take us on a tour of altruism and cooperative behaviour in the animal kingdom.
Anna Ploszajski (current UCL PhD student) – science gags, a few games and demos that aren’t fire
Catie Williams (current UCL PhD student) – A microbiologist-turned-obsessive-primate-poo-collector, Catie is ready to convince you that her job’s not all that weird… honestly.
Cerys Bradley (current UCL PhD student) – Cerys is a PhD student in the Crime and Security Science at UCL, whose current research is based in Computer Science. She probably won’t talk about either of these things.
Oli Usher (current UCL staff) – set details tbc
Sarah Bell (current UCL staff) – I am an environmental engineer and I’ll be telling anti-jokes about poo (it’s no laughing matter).
Sophie Meekings (current UCL PhD student) – set details tbc
Jay Stone (UCL PhD student 2008-2012) – I’m likely to talk about how being friends
with Steve Cross gets me into tricky situations
Michelle Downes (current UCL PhD student) – What do babies know?

The gig is at the Star of Kings, in the basement on Tuesday July 21st. Doors open 7pm and the gig starts at 7.30. Come near 7 if you want a good seat! Over 18s only.

Tickets are £6 (plus booking fee) from All of your £6 will be donated to b-eat, a charity helping people affected by eating disorders.

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