SCIENCE SHOWOFF 12 – July 23rd, Hatchet Inn, Bristol

Tickets £5 (plus 50p booking fee) in advance
Jewel of the South-West, fair city built on seafaring, slavery and two terrible football teams, we return to you. Come to us for a night of chaotic science entertainment with some of the best geek talent to be found all around you. Tonight we offer a diverse menu of brainfood, locally sourced and all organic (like the chemistry rather than the farming practices). They are:

Steve Cross – science comedian, MC and troublemaker. From that London.
Paul Curnow – Songs in the key of life sciences; Self-penned ditties with a science twist
Jen Garrett – During the Wildlife Trusts ’30 Days Wild’ campaign in June, I challenged myself to write a poem per day observing wildlife in the city. Given that I could only count the number of poems I’d previously written on one hand, it was not surprising that I failed miserably by day 7. Good news is you don’t have to listen to 30 hastily written poems… bad news is you do have to listen to a few.
Antony Poveda – In defiance of Google, and with the help of the ultimate man crush, Antony will be trying to find a practical application for chaos theory.
Kevlin Henney – Opposites attract, so they say. But what about on a first date? At a planetarium? Between someone who’s into astronomy and someone who’s into astrology? Stars and science collide in this short story, “Star Signs”.
Jack Heal – Have we already made artificial life?
Clare Duxbury – Everybody knows about the classic five senses, here’s a spotlight on the unrecognised and unloved other senses your body has put at your disposal.


The gig is on Thursday the 23rd July at the Hatchet Inn, with doors opening at 7pm. Tickets are £5 (plus 50p booking fee) in advance from here. Or £6 on the door. All ticket money is going to LGBT Bristol to support local people.

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