Science Showoff 5.1 – Star of Kings, October 20th



Your favourite chaotic science cabaret is back in town, fresh from a month off, with a head honcho who is suddenly free of the cares of earning a salary and with a new spring in its step. Want to see the cream of London’s science talent in delicious bitesize portions? You’ve come to the right place.

Join us, a great drinks menu and whatever weird pop-up food is happening in October for a night that will entertain and enlighten, and that will never be repeated. Be there or you will definitely miss that one weird thing that everyone else is talking about. Last time it was Martin Austwick writing a song about Steve that might also have been about Jeff Winger off of Community.

Tonight you’ll see:

Steve Cross – Comedian, troublemaker, newly freelance and recently-crowned Wellcome Engagement Fellow. Chicken expert. Did a gig last week to which only chemists were invited. Available for consultancy, reception hosting or wedding speeches.

James Longstaff – The Science of Sugar.

Cerys Bradley – How not to run a half marathon (p.s. this is definitely not a humble brag)

Dom Galliano – “How Physics Ruined my Dating Life” or “Are the LGBT community an under-served audience in science outreach?”

Kat Nilsson – Come on a pin-ball journey through time encountering lizard brains, humble spuds and climate change.

Mary-Ann Russon – Explaining how journalists work and (playfully) telling scientists, doctors, engineers etc how to communicate with us so that we understand what they’re talking about 🙂

Steve Le Comber – Fractal naked mole rats.

Jon Edwards – Did a music-obsessed Victorian chemist predict rock and roll 100 years before it was invented? No. But Jon will try to prove it anyway.

Maia Elliott Maia was also planning to discuss how science has ruined her dating life, but agrees to pick a different topic if Dom buys her dinner.

The gig is at the Star of Kings on York Way, in the basement. That’s here. Doors open at 7pm, the best seats have usually all gone by 7.15 and the gig bursts into action at 7.30. October 20th is a Tuesday.

Tickets are £6 (plus 60p booking fee) in advance from They usually sell out, but if they don’t, tickets on the door will be £8. All your ticket money will be donated to the London Legal Support Trust, to help normal people get access to justice.


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