SCIENCE SHOWOFF BRISTOL 13 – October 15th, Hatchet Inn


Ah, Bristol. Greatest and most beloved city of the South-West. At least until 30th October. Did you know that you are stuffed full of science people with amazing ideas to share? You did? Brilliant. We have a gig that will make you so so happy.

Join us for your thirteenth helping of chaotic science comedy from the phenomenom that’s sweeping the UK; Science Showoff.

Tonight the following people will storm the stage and stuff it full of know-how and giggles:

Steve Cross – Science Showoff creator, comedian, nerd and superhero with no superpowers.

Neil Jerome – The world, if not the government and large corporations, obeys laws. some of these are special science laws, and are named after the people who invented them from science, and some are just stupid. but they all tell us about the world; i will be presenting seven (mostly) scientific laws you may not have heard of, and arguing there is one law that science is long overdue in making.

Dee Toher – I’m an applied statistician working as a lecturer in UWE (University of the West of England, Bristol).  I’ll be talking about why an over reliance on p-values is harming science (with a bit of explanation about what p-values actually are).

JV Chamary – 10 animals you’ll find on Tinder.

Scary Boots – Scary Boots will be attempting to explain semiconductor physics through the use of juggling and innuendo. She is a PhD student at the University of Bristol, but no longer works with semiconductors. It will become evident why.

Jack Heal – I plan to talk about the human genome project, why it was a big deal and what’s changed since it was completed.

Will Davies – In this busy modern world, finding romance can take time, trolls, and tinder-itis. Here’s a few simple scientific steps to spare your carpal tunnel, and sail you down the tunnel of love. No promises.

Jen Garrett – A vision of a really wild future predicted by the past.

Luke Prince – Basically I wanted to talk about the scientific journey to the mathematical description of the action potential that won the Nobel prize in 1952.

We’ll be at the Hatchet Inn, upstairs through the back door (that’s here,_Bristol). The doors open at 7pm and the gig starts at 7.30. Tickets are available in advance for £6 (plus 60p booking fee) from or will be available on the door for £8. All proceeds to Bristol Refugee Rights

Over 18s only.


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