SCIENCE SHOWOFF Bath 1 – with the ICIA. October 30th.

Well hello Bath. Oh gem of the South-West, with its own gin and so many lovely places to drink it. We’re bringing some funny and chaotic science to town and we’d like you to come along and be part of it.

This gig is the first in a series of collaborations with the ICIA at the University of Bath, and we’ll be bringing an artier twist than ever before to making science entertaining, edgy and super-hilarious.

I know you think we’ve been cheating on you, since we’ve been sharing eclectic science with London for four years and even Bristol, your own neighbour, for two years, but really it was only ever you we wanted.

Not sure what to expect? We’ll bring you people with something to say about science in hilarious 9-minute bursts, punctuated with the most pulse-racing science comedian in the UK.

Steve Cross pulling a strange face

Steve Cross pulling a strange face

Tonight we’ve got the cream of Bath’s science talent to share, and you’ll see:

Steve Cross – Comedian, nerd, glasses-wearer and your MC for tonight.

Jemma Rowlandson – Did you know we can use cheese to save the world? Yes, cheese. In particular, Leerdammer cheese. Why is it Leerdammer cheese rather than say cheddar or gouda? Come along to find out!

Saiful Islam -Saiful grew up in north London, works in chemistry and married father of two. His five-minute Ignite style talk will be on crystals for clean  energy using 3D specs. Saiful is into footie, indie music (The  Smiths), humanism and the chemicals gin & tonic. He also thinks that two wrongs do not make a right, but two Wrights did make an aeroplane.

Jon Chouler -Come one, come all, and help your dear chum Jon Chouler find out what on earth a Microbial Fuel Cell is, how it works, and why they’re actually pretty darn handy.

Nicola Ansell -Disasters of a New Grad Veterinary Surgeon: Forget James Herriot, what vet school can’t prepare you for is a parrot stuck up a hoover, a monkey with a mysterious stain on its leg, how to euthanase a goldfish.

Ioannis Costas Battle -In his stand-up comedy routine, Ioannis will be asking a question (or two) of sport.

Rising Ape – Rising Ape brings ‘Life on Mars: the Gameshow!’ to the Edge stage to find out if YOU have what professional Marsologists are already calling the ‘Red Stuff’: What it takes to be selected for the first ever Martian colony! In space, no one can hear you phone a friend…

Gus Bosehans – My name is Gus and I would like to explore with you why we hate to let go of our cars and why encouraging sustainable travel requires more than doodling cycle lanes on streets.

Audrey Nailor – One of the team behind Science Showoff in Bristol pops over to see how science is getting on just down the traine line.

The show is on October 30th in the Weston Theatre at The Edge Theatre on the University of Bath campus. It starts at 7.30pm (doors 7 ish) and tickets are available here:


Want to know what Science Showoff is like? Here are some examples.


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