SCIENCE SHOWOFF 5.2 – 17th Nov Death Special with Art Necro


“We’re all gonna die, and what if there’s nothing?”

You’re wrong, dour yet optimistic Scottish singer-songwriter Malcolm Middleton. There’s not nothing. There’s science comedy, chaotic cabaret, there’s fun on-stage and off-. There’s Science Showoff, tonight curated by the marvellous folk from Art Necro, and with a DEATH SPECIAL.

Each of these people will get 9 minutes to explore death, to entertain and to enlighten. And hopefully not to appal. Too much.

Steve Cross – science comedian and your MC for the night. Not dead. Yet. But at his age who knows what will have happened by the time the gig rolls around?

Sarah Elizabeth Cox – Sarah works at Goldsmiths and isn’t a scientist even though they definitely do science there, not just painting. She’s going to talk about the assassination of the Prime Minister in 1812 – probably one of the most boring murders of a political leader ever when compared with, say, what a rampant band of Dutchmen did in the 1600s.

Maia Elliott – set details tbc.

Faz Alam – Faz Alam will take you on a journey to discover the funny side of the flesh eating disease, and in the process reveal the strange things that can happen when you make bacteria glow in the dark.

Katy Price – Katy is renowned for appearances as Mr. George Wells, inventor, in the touring ‘Victorian Science Spectacular’, performing moustached with phonograph and magic lantern. Tonight the moustache will be that of Mr Frank Podmore, scientific investigator of psychic phenomena and devoted assistant to the Victorian Internet of Death.

Erminia Colucci – Erminia is a lecturer in the field of cultural mental health and mental health and law at the Centre for Psychiatry at Wolfson Institute for Preventive Medicine at the Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry. Among her many areas of expertise she studies socio-cultural attitudes towards suicide. For Science Showoff she’ll be discussing the taboo around suicide in diverse cultural contexts.

Una McIlvenna – Una delves into the grisly world of early modern public executions, singing historical ballads about people being hanged, burned, and having their heads chopped off.

Jamie Upton – Jamie is lead curator of the Art Necro project – a collective of more than 20 researchers and designers exploring the science of mortality and making it into mind-blowing pieces of art. Among other things they cover: near death experiences on brain-melting hallucinogens, Schrödinger’s living/dead cat, real-life zombie parasites and the story of the world’s first immortal woman (who also happens to be the world’s largest woman as well).

Ben Dornan – Being a lapsed neuroscientist, Ben will be talking about the brains of the dead and famous.”

David Urry – Are you a taker not a giver, not necessarily lived a saintly life? Do not fear, it’s what’s inside that counts….exploring organ donation through country music.

Catie Williams – Death comes to all, but that hasn’t stopped some from trying to cheat it.  Catie will be celebrating their spectacular failures.

The gig is in the basement of the Star of Kings on Tuesday November 17th. Doors open 7pm and the gig starts at 7.30. Tickets are available online for £6 (plus 60p booking fee). Any left on the door will cost £8.



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