FOOD SHOWOFF 27th November – Part of the Science Gallery FED UP Season


We all love dinner. If we’re allowed dinner. And we love fun!

So tonight we’re smashing together science, dinner, comedy, dinner, history and cake. And dinner. Come and join us for our first-ever night of food-themed chaotic comedy cabaret!

We’ve put together a crack lineup from the worlds of academia, dining and joking about to make sure you have a hilarious time working out what you should put on your plate tomorrow night. We have:

Steve Cross is a comedian and nerd, as well as a properly smug vegetarian.

Jo Neary is a character comedian who has appeared in Miranda, Suffragette and Ideal.

MiMi Aye is a food writer, author of the cookbook Noodle!, and expert in the cuisine of Burma, although she won’t be talking about any of that.
Ruth Ball is the author of the new book Rebellious Spirits: The Illicit History of Booze in Britain.

Chris Neill is a writer and performer who once carried a pig’s head through town.

Helen Zaltzman is a podcaster and collector of nauseating cookbooks.

Clare Heal is a journalist and food writer. She is currently training at Leith’s School of Food and Wine.

Estelle Paranque is in the History Department at King’s College London and writes on the history of monarchy.

Tim Spector is a scientist and food enthusiast at King’s College, searching for the perfect microbiome.

And there will be even more amazing people besides!

The gig is part of the FED UP: The Future of Food season at Science Gallery London. It takes place on Friday November 27th in the Henriette Raphael Function Room, Henriette Raphael Building, Guy’s Campus, London, SE1 1UL. Doors are 7pm and tickets are £8 (£6 students) which includes a free drink! Drink is a kind of food, yeah?

Over 18s only.

Here are more details on the Science Gallery page.

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