SCIENCE SHOWOFF BATH 2 – 4th December with the ICIA

By the 4th of December you’ll already be sick of Christmas. Every shop will have tried to sell you rubbish, every building will have the same Cliff Richard song on repeat and every relative under the age of 40 will have told you that they want the Star Wars robot you can control with your phone for Xmas.

Audrey Nailor at the first Science Showoff in Bath
Audrey Nailor at the first Science Showoff in Bath

We promise no tinsel, no Slade playing as you come in, and no reminders of the true meaning of Christmas just when you’re starting to have fun. Instead we offer laughs, naughty words, science, fun, a bit of chaos and a fantastic night that will only ever happen once. Our host for the night is Steve Cross, a comedian who rejects Christmas so hard that he spent the entire festive season last year playing Halo 4 on his Xbox. And drinking mulled wine whilst humming “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree”. Damn. I let some Christmas sneak in, didn’t I?

We’re back in the magnificent Studio at the Edge on the University of Bath campus for another night of science chaos and hilarity. The gig is on Friday December 4th, and starts at 7.30. Turn up early so you’ve got plenty of time in our delicious bar beforehand! Come and see incredible science performances from:

Iszi Lawrence – Iszi is a hysterical* geek comedian with interests right across science, rationalism and history. She’s the founder and host of the Z List Dead List and has a box file full of hilarious stories about dead scientists.

Alex Lathbridge – We’re all heading for the science communication singularity and it’s probably going to sound a lot like Wu Tang Clan.

Richard Fairchild – I will be introducing the audience to the wonderful world of Behavioural Economics!  How rational are you?  How are you affected by your unconscious psychology and emotions?  We will be exploring by playing some fun games and activities….

Ross Exton – Are you looking for love? Are you tired of swiping left? The science of flirting is a tricky one, so what can we learn from our friends in the animal kingdom?

Ezzy Pearson – I’ll be looking at the science of the Star Wars worlds, to help you prepare for The Force Awakens.

Chris Budd – ‘A mathematicians guide to Mornington Crescent’ or ‘Fairlops last theorem’ In this tongue in cheek session I will give a mathematical analysis of this great game, and explain exactly how you can use maths to win it. I will of course assume that the audience is familiar with the rules. Audience participation will be expected.

The gig is on sale here:

Over 18s only

* not in the medical sense

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