SCIENCE SHOWOFF 5.4 – curated by Kat Arney. Jan 19th, Star of Kings


It’s 2016 and the time for chaotic science cabaret, stuffed with laughter, is now. Tonight’s gig is curated by the incredible Kat Arney and has a distinct theme of genetics throughout. Kat has pulled together an amazing lineup to take us into the recipe book that makes life what it is. Or blueprint. Or computer programme. Or whatever metaphor we’re using for a genome today. An app. We’re probably saying that DNA is like an app.

Photo of a gig by Tom Whyntie


Steve Cross – Comedian and freelancer science fixer, Lord of Science Showoff. Steve is a failed geneticist and will be wincing in pain throughout the show as people present ideas he ought to understand, but doesn’t.

Misha Gajewski – I will be talking about my personal experience taking the 23&me DNA test and more broadly about direct-to-consumer genetic testing.

Gareth Hellenthal – I will show how DNA can be used to infer our history, by applying statistical methods to current large-scale DNA data resources. As an illustration, I describe the genetic structure and ancestral history of the United Kingdom, including impacts of Anglo-Saxon and Norse Viking invasions.

Priya – I’m a second year PhD student at UCL studying Genetics and Nephrology. I will be talking about genetics in the news from 2015.

Kim Warren – Kim is a PhD student trying to unravel some of the mysteries of how species happen by looking for genetic clues as to why there are so many bats. She’ll be talking about phylogenetics in general and bats in particular.

Liam Drew – Liam is writing a book about being a mammal.  He will be talking platypuses, chromosomes and sex.

Charlotte Mykura – Dive into the twisted and tangled wild of the nucleus with Charlotte Mykura and witness as she desperately attempts to make sense of what the hell is happening in there.

Kat Arney – We’ve all heard of genes – but how do they work? Kat Arney has been finding out from the leading scientists around the world, writing it all up in her new book Herding Hemingway’s Cats. From cats with thumbs to fish with hips, via blondes and penis spikes, she’ll share some of the stories she’s discovered along the way.

Philipp Boeing  – Philipp wants to do to biotechnology what Raspberry Pi has done to computing, making it accessible and affordable to all. As a co-founder of Bento Lab, he’s presenting the world’s first easy-to-use, laptop-sized DNA laboratory.

And more to be announced soon!

The gig is in the basement of the Star of Kings on Tuesday January 19th. Doors open 7pm and the gig starts at 7.30. Tickets are available online for £6 (plus 60p booking fee). Any left on the door will cost £8. All ticket money will go to Kat’s chosen charity, MIND.

Over 18s only.


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