HISTORY SHOWOFF 6 – Feb 3rd, Star of Kings

What happens if you fill a theatre with clever and lovely people then invite a load of amazing experts on the past to entertain them?


Is history funny? Or entertaining? Or enlightening? Or challenging? Or all of those things? Or something else?

What is the past? And does it matter? (these last two questions are for the hardcore physicists reading this page by accident)

Come and find out at History Showoff. We love to take over pubs, clubs and theatres for a night of exploring the olden days with all of the chaos and loveliness that you associate with Science Showoff. We secure INCREDIBLE lineups of varied people to take you into their world of the past and all to entertain you.

Tonight you’ll see:

Steve Cross – Still trying to pretend that a knowledge of unreadable Tolkein novels is the same as knowing the real history of the real world. Comedian, MC, your secret Twitter crush.

Rebecca Rideal – ‘Apocalypse Then: Samuel Pepys and the End of Days’.

Rebecca Simon – I research the legalities of pirates’ public executions and polite society in the early modern British Atlantic. For History Showoff, I’m going to talk about the public executions of pirates and how early modern British society sensationalised these events through popular printed material, which ultimately led to the romanticisation of early modern pirates. I’ve got some very gory and detailed accounts to talk about!

Becky Littlechilds – Becky will talk about young female martyrs of the ancient Christian church and how the stories told about their deaths illustrate a fixation with the intersection of virginity, sex, and death

Sadie Harrison – Sadie is a PhD Candidate studying 17th and 18th century science at UCL.

Estelle Paranque – Teaching history: a fucking skill.

Kerry Lambeth – MYTHBUSTING and/or INTRODUCING: Margaret of Anjou, Wars of the Roses femme fatale and/or unexpectedly sensible lady!


The gig is in the basement of the Star of Kings on Wednesday February 3rd. Doors open 7pm and the gig starts at 7.30. Tickets are available online for £6 (plus 60p booking fee). Any left on the door will cost £8. All ticket money will go to our charity of the month, Scope.

Over 18s only.

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