SCIENCE SHOWOFF 5.5 – New Performers Night!

The old school rules are back in London for one night only!

When Science Showoff, a night of chaotic science and comedy cabaret, started in 2011 we let anyone and everyone to sign up to perform for us. Then we became so popular that we brought in guest curators to sculpt lineups of incredible acts for our loving public.

This February, for one night only, you can sign up to perform regardless of who has heard of you 😉

The gig is February 22nd, in the basement of the Star of Kings on York Way in London. Sets are 9 minutes long and you can Perform in Any Style about Any Aspect of science. The event’s hosted by Steve Cross. We provide a microphone, a laptop and a projector. And a lovely audience of around 100 people. No-one gets paid because we give all the ticket money to charity.

We only want performers who have never done Science Showoff before, anywhere in the UK. That means you!

Signup to perform here:

If you want to see the kinds of things people get up to, do check out our YouTube channel.

This gig is ideal for scientists, teachers, students, science fans, musicians, educators, film-makers, drama practitioners, dancers, hands-on demo people, writers, STS researchers and anyone else with something to show off about science.

Tickets are already on sale if you’d like to come and see this exciting lineup of fresh talent. Get one here:

Tom Whyntie edit

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