NEVER EXPLAIN – Pilot recording, April 6th, London

Never Explain logo

The first ever recording of a brand new panel show all about making science funny. We’re helping science escape from a world where charisma-free middle-aged men just wait to explain the right answer, and opening a portal to riotous fun to appeal to people who love entertainment but might not give a toss about science. This is science by entertainment’s rules, happy to get things wrong, mess about and let chaos loose on stage.

Join team captains Steve Cross and Suze Kundu, guest host Elise Bramich and special guests Lydia Nicholas and Oli Marsh for an evening of bitching, niggling, fighting, talking over each other, ridiculous suggestions and clever answers that turn out to be wrong. And laughs. Lots of laughs.

To give you an idea of tone, here’s the face that the glamorous Suze does when she sees Steve:

Suze looks annoyed at Steve

The recording is in the basement of the Star of Kings on April 6th, with doors opening at 7pm. The show will run from 7.30pm to about 9.00. Tickets are £5 in advance or £8 on the door. The link to buy them is and the Facebook event is at

NEVER EXPLAIN has been developed by Steve Cross and Elise Bramich and is financially supported by the Wellcome Trust.

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