Science Showoff Bristol – 25th May, the Grain Barge


Spring has exchanged its stored potential energy for kinetic, and we’re back at the newly refurbished Grain Barge to raise money for a farm. On a boat.

On Wednesday May 25th, we are looking for performers to talk, dance, sing, demonstrate or generally make an exhibition of themselves about any aspect of any science. No experience necessary: just put together 9 minutes of material for us. Signup here.

We have an incredibly welcoming audience of around 50-100 paying punters, a science comedian compere, and all the money we raise goes to local small charities for whom the money makes a big difference. This time we’re helping St Werburgh’s city farm outfit classrooms to teach vulnerable children and adults about horticulture and animal care.

You can see examples of previous acts on our Youtube channel, but just because you don’t see anything like your work there doesn’t mean it’s not welcome! We would really love to have more different kinds of performance, and when we say anyone is welcome, we mean it.

Last time we welcomed physical theatre, a philosopher of science, a PhD student explaining his work through dance, and cake-based mimicry demos. If you are: a science student or teacher, an actor or film maker, a band, a  mime troupe, a circus performer or even a scientist with something to communicate about science, go for it.

Signup here: and we’ll be in touch to tell you more about it. Laptop, microphone, and projector provided: if you need other props or equipment, or have questions about performance, drop us a mail, or bug us on twitter.

See you there!


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