SCIENCE SHOWOFF 5.7, 16th May, Star of Kings, London


Hello science fans! Would you like a night of enlightening nerdy entertainment with a rich seam of hearty laughter right through the middle? “Wouldn’t that be like having a delicious cake that has somehow been filled with an even more delicious yet quite different cake, Steve?”. Yes, dear reader it would. And it will be a TREAT.


Science Showoff marries chaos, comedy and science in a three-way formal relationship that would be illegal if they were people. Tonight we host a lineup stuffed with fresh science talent, with a couple of seasoned pros to keep this complicated mixed metaphor afloat. You’ll see:

Steve Cross – Comedian and your MC for the night. Love crisps.

Tim Maynard – Chameleons live!! natures super heroes! The most awesome, amazing beasts on the planet!

Flo Schechter – Think homosexuality is unnatural? There are at least 1500 species who would disagree with you.

Dan Stowell – Dan Stowell will talk about the unexpected consequences of inventing a
machine for recognising birdsong.

Adam Woodhall – Adam Woodhall is a force for good, taking you on a journey to a galaxy far far away…

Claire Asher – Claire is a freelance science writer, communicator, and innovation officer for the London NERC DTP. She’ll be taking us on a whistle-stop tour of evolutionary biology, from meerkats to slime moulds, all the way to the future of homo sapiens.

Hannah Cameron – 3d printing based humour with Hannah and TinyBoy, where you will learn about pineapples, bulbasaurs and printing/life fails.

And more to come!

The gig is at the Star of Kings on May 16th, with door sopening at 7pm. Tickets cost £6 which will all go to the SANE Mental Health Charity. They’re avilable here. If we don’t sell out in advance, tickets on the door will be £8.


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