BOOKS SHOWOFF 2 – June 24th, Waterstones TCR, London


The second of a series of literary collaborations between a bookshop with a cool cocktail bar and a man who makes nerds funny for a living is here!

Kerry 1

We bring together readers, writers, publishers, comedians, librarians and booksellers to entertain you by talking about all the words they’ve been stuffing into their huge brains. Tonight you’ll see:

Steve Cross – Your MC tonight is a comedian who was put off books as a science student when he realised that some of them cost more than anything he had ever owned in his life.

Catherine Fletcher – Catherine writes history books. She would like to know why so many history readers are obsessed with the Nazis.

Ed Jefferson – I will be exploring the complete literary canon of ‘books about Nicolas Cage’.

Stephen Thomas – Stephen  is the founder of Folkroom Records, where musicians go to be discovered by much more famous, well-financed records labels. He’ll be looking into a collection of love letters from fans to their 1970s idols. Barry Manilow features heavily.

Robin Bray – I’ll be talking about re-building a library after the apocalypse, starting with goats and geese – a practical description of setting about making books from available raw materials.

Sophie Scott – set details tbc

Ali Mozzafari – How can you teach theoretical physics to your dog?

The gig is in the basement of the cool new Waterstones on the south end of Tottenham Court Road (it’s in one of the units that used to be big flash electronics shops) on Friday June 24th. Doors open 7pm. There is a lovely bar (yay!) and a lift down to the basement.

Tickets are £5 from here.


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