SCIENCE SHOWOFF 5.8, June 21st, Star of Kings

There’s only one place where new science talent and ageing science hacks can come together and create a night of chaos. And that’s right here. Join us for an evening of looking at science from weird angles and going “OK BUT WHAT IS IT?”


From our May gig – an improvised birdsong competition

Tonight you’ll see:

Steve Cross – With two weeks to recover from his first solo hour (SO TIRING!) our MC is back with new ways of being annoyed with science.

Ali Mozzafari – Bubble science, a wonderful take on how, where and why bubbles form, from the beginnings of the universe to your back garden…

Sarah Barnes – What’s the worst that could happen? Sarah is a physicist and full-time worrier and will attempt to find out if it really is as bad as you think.

Robin Andrews – I’ll be talking about psychopaths: these poor, misunderstood creatures can actually have a hugely positive impact on society, and not all of them are naughty homicidal lunatics. I should know – I’m one of them, according to science! (Editor’s note – did we all guess that?)

Charlotte Mykura – A molecular biologist tries to talk about those big lumps of cells. You know the ones… They’re called… um… Animals, I think?

Bryony Frost – I’ll be talking through the history of the entire universe in 9 minutes – using LEGO.

Samantha Baines – Samantha hasn’t been to space, but would like to. Can you help?

Matt Jones – I am a third year PhD student in microbiology. Everything has gone wrong, there’s no point anymore, so why are you even asking? This is a desperate attempt at self-therapy.

The gig is at the Star of Kings on June 21st, with door sopening at 7pm. Tickets cost £6 which will all go to the charity Contact the Elderly They’re available here If we don’t sell out in advance, tickets on the door will be £8.


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