Books Showoff 4 – August 24th, Waterstones TCR

Books Showoff’s first run in the basement of the fancy new Waterstones on Tottenham Court Road was a bestseller so now we’re back for chapter two: more shows!


Join comedian Steve Cross and eight wonderful people who write books, read books, love them, collect them, or sometimes just visit their local Waterstones because they really like the smell (not mentioning any names).

Affectionately known as London’s first chaotic open-mic night about books, Books Showoff is unapologetically raucous, irreverent, and hysterical.

Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30 start. There’s a lovely bar with amazing cocktails, reasonably priced wine, and a lift down to the basement.


The show’s speakers include:

Sarah Elizabeth Cox on her dominatrix ex-therapist and why she (Sarah, not the dominatrix) keeps a Joan Collins book by her bed.
Gregory Akerman – Gregory’s favourite book is a children’s book – Monsterman by Duncan and Jim Eldridge. Learn how this simple tale of skepticism led Gregory to hate Rick Wakeman & have confusing feelings for David Icke (because of course Gregory is going to talk about Icke).
Anil Godi – Poet Anil Godi looks at H.P. Lovecraft’s less well-known catalogue of poetry to see what interesting additions to his legacy can be fished out of the murky confluence of poetic form, an overfondness for Classics and cosmic horror.

Rob Davis – Rob Davis, founder of game studio Playniac, will be running his award-winning, globe-trotting crowd game Cat On Yer Head, now available as an illustrated book.

Cian Agnew asks: What clues do Donald Trump’s books give us about his Presidency?

Belle Taylor – Belle’s doing a semi-improvised talk on The Dice Man, based on the throw of a dice.

Plus more from Rebecca Rideal and Nick Coveney

Tickets are just £5 and available now from the Waterstones website.


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