Science Showoff Talent Factory Launch – September 20th – Star of Kings

On Tuesday 20 September join the next generation of top science communicators for a night of chaotic cabaret at the Star of Kings: it’s the launch of Science Showoff’s Talent Factory!

Want to know more about Talent Factory? Click here.


Introducing our acts in the first half are Talent Factory conductor/captain/Commander in Chief Steve Cross and, in the second half, hilarious science Youtuber / performer Florence Schechter with a hot take on why science makes you, and the person sitting next to you, sexy (or not).


Our line-up:

Aimee Eckert – Aimee thought she had seen it all when it comes to online dating – but she wasn’t expecting to find the profile of an extremely egoistic organism. Can we really believe all of his boastful science stories?

Suzanne Harvey – Bones, barbs, and bonobos: Suzanne’s going to discuss how female choice drives evolution and has shaped modern man.

Charlotte Mykura – Charlotte delves into the twisted land of the nucleus and ponders how and why your DNA is a broken mess.

Mike Conterio – Mike’s explaining why quantum physics is about more than that damned cat.

Charlotte Hale – Cutting Shapes, Bust a Groove! – Charlotte will be getting everyone Moving Science, Bring your dancing shoes.

Cerys Bradley – A Sybil attack is a pretty interesting way of carrying out cybercrimes like fraud and phishing scams, and it’s named after an even more interesting example of how psychologists in the 1970s had absolutely no shame. Cerys, a PhD student in the UCL Crime and Security Department, is going to talk about both of these things.

Sadie Harrison – Sadie is a professional fangirl for the bad bitches of the eighteenth century.

Anna Ploszajski – How do you say metallurgy? And other questions. A Memoir.

All ticket money will be donated to the Lumos Children’s Charity – @lumos.

Tickets just £6.60 with booking fee from We Got Tickets.


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