Books Showoff 5 – September 28th, Waterstones TCR

Remember that guy who got locked in a Waterstones for the evening and just spent the whole time tweeting to be let out?

If you were shut in the Tottenham Court Road branch, there’s no way you’d be so eager. Along with a zillion books, there’s a basement with cake, cocktails, AND (on the 28th September) loads of lovely literary types being funny and clever for your benefit.

GET TICKETS from the Waterstones website!

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 17.27.47

Join Steve Cross and our brilliant speakers for just five quid plus booking fee.

Doors at 7pm for a 7.30 start.

The line-up:

Lucy Talbot – Lucy is a maudist. Find out why the original Harold & Maude novella is the best therapy ever.

Claire Thomson – By day, mild-mannered academic. By night, part of a crack team of women operating a clandestine Scandinavian publishing house. Once accidentally published a book with the word ‘ARSE’ on the cover.

Nolan Parker – Candice Nolan and Phil Parker didn’t intend to write a novel. They never planned to spend time in the office creating scenes of pole dancing, rioting scientists or tractor chases. But then they didn’t know what Michael Gove had planned for them…

M.L. Rio – M. is a writer, former bookseller, and long-time theatre nerd. She just finished her Masters in Shakespeare at King’s College London and her first novel, If We Were Villains,will be published by Flatiron Books in 2017.

Gauti Sigthorsson – The evils of textbooks are well known to Gauti Sigthorsson. He should know, he wrote one.

Becky Littlechilds – Becky’s going to talk about the sub-cultural behemoth I Kissed Dating Goodbye, the magical Good, spiritual orgasms, and the Celibacy Crusade.

Sadie Harrison – At UCL Sadie is pursuing a PhD in 17th and 18th century scientific circles. She knows lots of old dead science dudes’ secrets.

Ana Parejo Vadillo – Ana’s at Birkbeck and writes about late-Victorian people and things, including the author ‘Michael Field’. She chooses her books for their good looks.

Book tickets here.


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