Science Showoff Bristol – September 21st – The Grain Barge

Bristol, has your life been going too smoothly of late? …isn’t it boring?

Or maybe you have turbulent times in your own life. Why not try watching us running around flailing for a change?

Inject some of our trademark chaos into your life with open-mic performances from scientists, science fans, and other people who like finding out about stuff. Comedy, rap, research, demos – we have, possibly, all of this and more, on a BOAT that serves ALCOHOL. And it’s all for charity.*  Buy tickets now!

Performers for tonight include:

  • Anna Smith, for A Walk Among the Histones: how harnessing epigenetics may (or may not) give us all photographic memories.
  • Alex Lathbridge, presenting A Biochemist’s Guide to Proxima B. (Warning: He knows very little about space travel)
  • David Ferland McCollough, with an homage to Dr Wilder Penfield (1891-1976), once known as “The Greatest Canadian”, pioneer in the fields of neuroanatomy and neurosurgery and star of the best 1980s informational video ever made.
  • Rowan Hedley: Rhythm and rhyme adorn her thoughts. In minutes of nine, Rowan will force her cognitions on science into your hands for you to absorb or set down where you stand.
  • John McInnes: Standup Comedy, but with science & engineering puns, you’ll learn nothing but feel extra smart because you understood the jokes!
  • Katherine Cooper: “My Daddy Complex: musings from the daughter of a mathematician”
  • Our wonderful compere, Ross Exton of @Bristol fame! A professional nerd & your compere for the evening. he’ll be there to get everyone just as excited to see you all perform as he is!

And more to be announced!

Doors at 7.00, show starts at 7.30, done by 10.00 so everyone can get home.

Tickets are £6 + 60p booking fee in advance, £8 on the door. Save yourself £2 and us messing with change by buying now..

As ever, we will be at the delightful Grain Barge, moored in Hotwells, Bristol.

If you have access requirements or other queries, please contact us (email or twitter) and we’ll do everything we can to get you there.

*Charity TBD, suggestions welcome!


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