Books Showoff – October 25th – Waterstones Tottenham Court Road

London’s favourite and, tbf, probably only literary-themed comedy cabaret night in a bookshop cocktail bar is back, this time with short talks on themes as diverse as exotic animal sex and excrement (that’s two different sets, by the way). And it only costs you a fiver to watch!



Join Steve Cross and a line-up of witty book writers, readers and lovers on Tuesday 25 October for Books Showoff at Waterstones, Tottenham Court Road.

We’ll be in the fully accessible basement from 7pm.

The night’s performers:

Charlotte Mykura – Charlotte will be dipping each of your toes into ‘Sex on Earth’ by Jules Howard. A gorgeously descriptive book that explores the sex and sexuality of different animals on our moist little planet, from the familiar to the exotic.

Ed Jefferson – Ed’s talking about the diversity of issues base (sic) on a quantum of experience/finding weird self-published books in charity shops.

Brian Mackenwells – Plotto is a book, written by a pulp fiction writer in the ‘20s, that claims to contain every possible plot. Brian will guide us all through the complicated Plotto system to help our Books Showoff audience come up with a future bestseller.

Helen Steer – Helen’s talking about children’s books: death, diversity, excrement and contraband ponies.

Helen Armfield – Helen (littlepurplegoth) would happily live in a book, but can’t quite get past the way they lie. She lives in a house containing thousands of books and, left to her own devices, would dress like a character from a gothic horror. She works with words for a … well a death, if she’s completely honest. Um, yes, about that….

Jamie Upton will be explaining why his favourite science book of the year is his favourite science book of the year.

Amanda DiGioia speaking on “Dracula” and all the parallels the text has with modern society. Time to get into the Halloween spirit!

Jess Hindes knows loads about nineteenth-century pornography and the people who read it.

Get tickets for £5 from the Waterstones website. Be aware that Books Showoff is extremely popular and may sell out. We recommend booking in advance!

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