Science Showoff – November 3rd – A Goldsmiths Special

Brexit, Bowie… Trump? On Thursday 3rd November we head south of the river to New Cross for a Showoff special loosely themed on the strange, dark, time the world’s had in 2016.

GET TICKETS (£5.60 if you’re a Goldsmiths student, £6.60 for everyone else)


Join us at the Amersham Arms on 3 November to drown your sorrows with abandon, just days before the most powerful nation on earth shows us how broken democracy really is.

Featuring the algorithms of online dating, hidden satanic messages, cats and class war. Expect laughs, facts that sound totally made up but aren’t, and loads of terrible PowerPoints.

Joining Steve in the the line-up:

Chris French (Psychology) on hidden satanic messages – find out if you can hear them

Kate Devlin (Computing) on the algorithms of online dating: a scientific and a personal perspective

Sylvia Pan (Computing) – What can virtual humans do for us?

John Price (History) – No Hard Felines: Class War… with cats

Dee Harding (Computing) – Tired of Experts

Rob Cenci (Media & Communications) on the Call of Insecurity – the first-person shooter

Dominique Santos (Anthropology) on the Anthropology of NOT climbing trees

Sarah Wiseman (Computing) on the weird and wonderful world of the Quantified Self

All proceeds from ticket sales will go to The Running Charity.


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