Science Showoff – October 27th – Star of Kings

After a brief diversion to the outer edges of the world (okay, Bristol and Woking), Science Showoff returns to the Star of Kings basement, London, on Thursday 27 October.


Joining your compere Steve Cross for a night of extremely random educational hilarity are:

David Christensen – David usually uses stem cells to study diseases that cause blindness, but this time he’ll be using them to try and tell jokes.

David Mills asks how much we really know about slugs and snails. Do they come when you call them? Can they find their way home? Can you make them poo rainbows? Will they ever be any use for electronics manufacturers?

Rachel Wheeley – Rachel is a comedian and mum of three who’s seriously considering a short holiday to Mars. Where are we with the Mars mission? How can we get involved and why might we need to study black bears to get there?

Haran X – Haran X is a geeky, science-based comedian who regularly employs graphs, diagrams and jokes with the punchline “Non-Euclidean, projective geometry”. His humour has been described as “so high-brow, you may need an extension to your forehead”. He’s performed on BBC Radio 4Extra.

Chella Quint with some bloody funny period comedy, breaking down menstruation education taboos using craftivsm, adbusting and interpretive dance.

Stefan Siwiak-Jaszek and Ben Smith are studying PhDs in Physics and Maths, meeting and bonding through their mutual love for loud metallic instruments and hip-hop. During a rehearsal they discovered they could make really gross sounds with their instruments, and now they want to share them with you all. Don’t worry, there will be no science rap.

Samantha Baines – Samantha is a multiple-award-winning comedian and actor who regularly sells out every seat for her new show ‘1 WOMAN, A DWARF PLANET AND 2 COX’.

Plus more from Sarah Jones

Get tickets here for £6 plus 60p booking, or on the door – unless we sell out – for £8

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