Scarier Than Fiction – 1st November, The Harrison, Kings Cross

From the same team that brings you chaotic science comedy cabaret Science Showoff, we present an evening of unexpectedly scary* science for Halloween.

*scary how funny this will be of course


This gig – the first of three taking place at The Harrison – will feature the following ghouls from the alternate dimensions of science and comedy who will be sharing what they find spooky and bizarre in science.

MCd by the razor sharp wit of Cerys Bradley, a PhD student studying privacy and security, unsuprisingly, her material for this show has pretty much written itself…

Aimee Eckert – What’s so scary about a tiny fruit fly? Surely nothing? There’s no way a fruitfly could haunt your nightmares, that is until Aimee shows you how to create Halloween themed mutants.

Matthew Partridge – A short talk on the discovery in the mid-1800s of total internal reflectance and then the subsequent harnessing of it in glass optical fibers by Charles Vernon Boy. Dr Matthew Partridge has a PhD in fiber optic chemical sensing, and works as a Research Fellow in the centre of Engineering Photonics at Cranfield University.

Anna Plozajski – You would think that understanding how things work would make you less scared of stuff, more in control. But since becoming a materials scientist and learning about the inner workings of everyday objects, Anna has become terrified of inert, inconspicuous, inanimate things. So fasten your seatbelts, and prepare to pick up phobias you never even knew existed.

Florence Schechter
Sadie Harrison
Ali Mozaffari
Tayyibah Ali
and Robin Andrews

Venue: The Harrison, 28 Harrison St, London WC1H 8JF

Tickets: £5, all proceeds to Anxiety UK. Ticket link coming soon!

We’ll be back in The Harrison on 22nd November and 6th December.

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